Encourage Yourself

1 Samuel 30: 6  But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

Being connected and committed to a life-giving Body of Christ is essential for ongoing maturity and strength.  Maintaining focus is a challenge, especially when we’re faced with a situation that we must deal with.  David found himself in such a situation as leader; having been rejected by other leaders, returning to his home base only to discover family and possessions had been stolen and those he led were blaming him for all their miseries and woes and rumors were spreading to take him out.

David’s response was to “strengthen himself in the Lord”.  Note the principles on how to encourage ourselves.

  1. Affirm our personal relationship with the Lord. Note in verse 6 it says of David, “the Lord his God”.  Remember God is YOUR God, He cares about you and understands better than anyone.
  2. Revive the presence of God in our lives. “Please bring the ephod” (vs. 7), which speaks of the Presence of God of the High Priest.  Re-establish your personal time in the presence of God.  You’ll discover refreshment and perspective in His Presence.
  3. Pursue the promises of God. “So David went” (vs. 9) based on the promise of God given in the Presence of God. His presence reveals His promises and His purposes for the “now” as well as for the “then”.

As a result of reaffirming His personal relationship with the Lord, revive His presence and having His promises revealed and following through on them, “David recovered all” (vs. 18).

Saint of God, encourage strengthen yourself in the Lord!