Esther 10 Leadership Qualities

Esther has a unique position in scripture, in that it is the final book of history in scripture and final words of divine inspiration as well.

The record turns from Esther to Mordecai’s activity and notoriety across the Jewish people as well as the Persian Empire. He had been elevated to the position of governor of the land; second only to Ahasuerus, king of the vast Persian Empire.

There were two concerns Mordecai had; one for the prosperity of the Jewish people and his family. He also was concerned about the people of the empire as well, which included the Persians.

The greatness of leaders is observed in their care and concern for those they have authority over; not just themselves. Throughout this entire scripture, we observe that in the life of Mordecai; included positive character qualities that included integrity and humility.

May we cultivate the same qualities in our lives as leaders.