Esther 8 Light, Joy, Gladness and Honor

We read of the favor given to Esther, the king’s response and what it all entailed in this chapter. Due to Haman’s death, Esther was given his house, as Mordecai came to the king and told him how they were related. Esther “appointed” Mordecai to be over the house; that is, to be in charge of it.

Esther made an appeal to the king to reverse the edict which Haman had requested and would be carried out, had not the king overturned it. She requested it be sent in writing, as had Haman’s request; even using some of the same language. King Ahasuerus directed Esther and Mordecai to write the decree, which was sealed with the king’s ring that Mordecai was now wearing. The decree went throughout the land under authority of the Persians, beginning in Shushan.

When the enemy Haman was put to death and all the provinces were notified of the reversal of the king’s edict given by Haman; there was light, gladness, joy and honor released to the Jewish people.

Fear isn’t a great motivation for identification with faith; however that’s happened with many of the Persians, many of them became Jews because of the fear of the Jews (vs. 17).

When we defeat the enemy of our souls, we will have as the Jews did; light (revelation), joy (independence from circumstances), gladness (elevated emotion that isn’t based on outward concerns) and honor (respect based on the position given by the Lord). May the Lord grant us the same status in spiritual warfare?