Ezekiel 43 The Reason For The Season

Ezekiel prophesies that the “glory of the God of Israel” would come through the “the gate that faces toward the east”.  That gate today is closed, but one day will be opened so that Messiah, Jesus the Christ, can enter through it again.  The voice of God released an intensity of glory so that the “earth shone” with it.  Ezekiel is then transported by the Spirit “into the inner court” where “the glory of the Lord filled the temple”.

What an incredible account of the “reason for the season”, the purpose of His coming!  Jesus has come that all may be filled with His glory.

Just as Ezekiel continued to prophecy about a day coming for Israel to be a holy nation once again (vs. 6ff), that it would be in this temple “where I will dwell”; there is a personal application for His coming.  He has come to give life and that more abundantly.  He desires to not only dwell in the midst of the Temple, He desires to dwell in every believer as Messiah, Jesus the Christ.  What an awesome thing for Him to come that He might dwell within us!

What is your spiritual lineage?  The kind of priesthood the Lord desires to revive is that similar to the “seed of Zadok”.  Again, research this man and his lineage; you’ll discover he was an incredible man of God.