Ezra 6 Civil Government Isn’t Our Enemy

This chapter illustrates what can happen when civil government works alongside of the righteous people. It is a personal prayer of mine over a number years and several presidential administrations that happen in the U.S.; or at the very least be encouraging to this segment of the population.

King Darius responded to Governor Tattenai’s letter questioning as to the legitimacy of those who had returned to rebuild the temple. In searching for any edict that Artaxerxes had issued, success was soon realized. Not only had there been issued such a decree; but Darius added to the decrees two vital components. One was that he would pay for the transportation of the material used to reconstruct the temple and second, any of those who were living or conducting business in that region that was not of Jewish descent were ordered to stay away from this project. It took twenty years for the total reconstruction to take place.

Darius made a search and discovered the edict. It would be awesome of our current day politicians in the U.S. would do similarly. When they do, they’ll discover the bedrock of our democracy was with faith in Almighty God. When they begin to function as did Darius, there will be a blessing released on the governed and the government.

We read again of the encouragement of the prophecies through Haggai and Zechariah. Never make light of the gifts that given to cause you to “prosper” as they are released. Not only did the people prosper; there was a celebration of “joy”.

God even used Darius to be a source of encouragement to the people; his giving was a cause “to strengthen their hands in the work”.

“Lord give us such a leader as Darius that will seek out the history of our nation. A leader who will strengthen the hands of the church to do the work of ministry You have called us to.”