Feeling Cut Off?  There’s Hope!

During this season many are sensing a foreboding that borders on being debilitating them that is evidenced by despair and depression.  Isolation, quarantine can illicit those kinds of emotions.

Yet there is HOPE!

Job asked the question “is there hope for a tree that’s been cut down”? (14:7)  Will it survive, will it ever thrive again?  Will the root system provide the essential nourishment for sustenance?  Even if the ways of the past seem brittle and dry and by all outward appearances appear destined for demise and death.

The short answer YES, THERE IS HOPE!

“At the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant!” (14:9)

Paul writing the Church in Ephesus reminded the believers then and exhorts us today, that the water is the “word” (5:26).

As we consecrate ourselves to the Word of God through our study and meditation, the Word revives us – EVEN IN QUARANTINE or ISOLATION!

There’s Hope!  It’s found in the Word, when we apply the Word to our lives!