Getting Clean and Staying Clean

Psalm 119:9   How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word.

Who the poet is of this particular Psalm is unknown; consensus leans toward it being the “young man” referenced in this verse.  He very likely was imprisoned for his faith in God’s word, the Torah.  Some have referenced this to being the “A,B,C’s” of Christian faith (Keil & Delitzsch Commentary).  Nuggets of golden wisdom are uncovered in this longest of all Psalms, a few of which we’ll view.

The young man asks the question as to how to get clean and maintain purity in the midst of a decadent society.  He answers his question with the age old truth, by “taking heed….to Your word” paying attention to the Word of God by eight precepts.

Opening his entire heart to the Word, having the Word give direction to stay on track, hiding the Word in his heart through memorization, learning the statutes, declaring the Word, prioritizing the Word, meditating on the Word, and delighting in the Word so that it isn’t forgotten.

Get clean and stay clean by the Word!