He Knows You Too

Psalm 147: 4   He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name.

The Creator of the universe, that is ever expanding, knows the name of every star.  I’m not sure the names man has given them are the same as His, yet He has them numbered and named and knows them.

The myriads of galaxies as much grandeur they have is not the summit of His creation.  Humanity is His finest creation, for we are made in His image; a statement no other creation can make.  Being the finest ought to bring assurance to our minds.

If He knows the stars which were created “for” the benefit of humanity, He knows you, not just “about you”.  Earlier we read where He knew us when yet we were unformed.  He knows you and all that you’re challenged with and by.  He has the resolutions and directions as how to navigate the sea of life.

He Knows You!