He Trusts You!

Recent legislative and court rulings may prompt the question “what is going on?” or “why is all of this happening?”   Full understanding may only come in heaven, however there is something in the midst of all the “shaking” that is taking place that is encouraging.

Our generation is not the first to engage in troubling times.  Previous generations confronted wars, drought, depressions, recessions and other societal upheavals that undoubtedly had them asking similar questions.  Yet they faced them, not only enduring them, but coming through victorious.  How did they do it?

By steadfast faith and confidence in God, His Word and His eternal purposes.

Another thing I believe they had was a revelation from the Lord concerning His trust in them.  We hear a great deal, rightly so, that we should trust in the Lord; yet we also need realize He trusts us as well.

Truth is “trans-generational”!  One truth we need to receive as revelation is the reason challenges come to us at a personal, corporate or generational level is that God not only loves us, but He trusts us to respond with His grace.

Think of it, the Creator of the Universe trusts you, trusts me, trusts us to not only confront challenges that cause others to faint and grow weary; but to be examples of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.