How Many Rocks?

Psalm 62:2   He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.

The first half of this Psalm David uses the “rock” as a metaphor to describe a place of stability, safety and confidence.

How many rocks do we have, i.e. how many things do we truly rely on when the pressure begins to build?  A question often asked “why are there so many miracles in Africa?”  A partial reason is that there aren’t as many options, many of the saints in third world and developing nations only have hope in God.  Accessibility and/or ability to see a doctor use a credit card or download information is often non-existent.  .

David declared “He ONLY” was his “rock”!  His salvation wasn’t based on anyone or anything else.  Because of having only one rock, there was confidence in being secure and stable.

Is He your only rock?  When He is, you too can enjoy the stability and perspective of Him.