How The Mighty Have Fallen

2 Samuel 1: 19, 25, 27 “How the mighty have fallen!”

The church is being overwhelmed in many circles over the alleged failings of those of high profile ministries.  The responses are varied, from the authentically grieved to anger and rage.  Reading David’s “Song of the Bow” in the later part of 2 Samuel 1, there is no shred of anger or rage toward his nemesis Saul or his covenant brother Jonathan’s untimely death.  What I read is a heart grieving over fallen brothers.

It’s easy to “Monday morning quarter back” those who have fallen or have been allegedly fallen.  Too often it isn’t righteous judgment, its carnal judgmentalism, Lord guard our hearts lest we too enlist in those ranks.

Yet the question or comment remains “how the mighty have fallen”?!

A phenomenon in the church is the cycles we go through.  From the faith healers of the past to the present, as well as gifted minstrels, patterns emerge with one commonality.  One that only being in right relationship with the Lord and those who will boldly speak into our lives can assist us in steering clear of.  PRIDE!

It’s been said that pride is much like halitosis everyone knows it but the one who has it.  Gratefully its been more often my wife that’s kept mints in her purse when we’re in public, even at home on occasion.

Whether those of high profile or those who have ministries that will never make the cover of Charisma or any other magazine, pride goes before the fall.  Those who are boldly confronted responding with genuine, thorough repentance, restoration always follows; in many cases surpassing the place of past failure.

How have the mighty fallen?  Failure to listen to those closest to them, especially their spouse, with soft, pliable hearts.

For those of us on the sidelines, let us “take heed” lest we too fall (1 Cor. 10:12).