Job 1 A Saintly Response to Calamity

The book of Job is without a doubt one of the most controversial in scripture. Questions abound as to whether Job was in fact a real man or an allegory, also if there was ever a time in which this book was written. However, the inspired text begins with “There was a man in the land of Uz”; in addition there are a number of books in both the Old and New Testament that reference his name (Ezekiel & James).

Job was a “blameless and upright” man; there was no sin in his life and he walked in righteousness. He had a reverence for Almighty God and stayed away from evil. This man had a number of children (7 sons and 3 daughters), was prosperous (vs. 3). From the account we have before us, it seems as though each of the sons hosted a gathering once per month for their siblings; the current account being the gathering hosted by the eldest brother. Job was uncertain as to their behavior and thus offered sacrifices on their behalf during these gatherings.

The following account where Satan presented himself before the “sons of God” is a major issue of debate. How would he have access to the presence of the Lord? During this encounter, God asked him where he had been which Satan responded from walking “to and fro on the earth”. It is my opinion that God was operating in the word of knowledge, knowing where he’d been; considering “My servant Job” and giving all his character qualities.

It’s obvious that the Evil One had been considering Job, declaring that that God had a “hedge around him” and all he owned, including his children. As a result of the fall of man, Satan had control of all Job had. God gave him permission to Satan with the exception of touching his body; which Satan felt Job would “curse You to Your face!”
We read of a rapid fire sequence of calamities encountered by Job, designed to get him to turn his back on God. Sabeans attacked and killed the servants, a lightning bold struck from heaven killing all the sheep and those shepherding them, the Chaldeans had three bands that attacked stealing the camels and killing the servants and the final blow the taking of his children’s life by a tornado.

Responding in grief as people would in that region with tearing his robe and shaving his head. Note with all that had just taken place, Job was a worshipper nor did he “sin or charge God with wrong.”

Can God find such a man or woman that faces calamity and respond as Job today? May each of us be such individuals that will refuse to bow to anything or anyone but the Lord God.