Job 10 Who Is Against Us?

We read the second chapter that Job is in response, initially, to Bildad’s declaration of Job’s hidden sin. Job loathes his soul and was determined to let it all come out toward God and Bildad.

Most of the balances of this chapter, Job’s comments are directed toward and/or about God. It was out of bitterness that Job spoke to God and requested not to be condemned by the Lord.

Job asks “why You contend with me” referring to God, it seemed as though He was despising the work of His hands and smiled on the “counsel of the wicked”. What made the situation even more complicated for Job was that from his position, he saw himself as not being wicked. Throughout his thought process, Job couldn’t understand why God would “destroy” him, as He had in fact made and fashioned him in intricate unity.

The questions asked had to deal with being poured out like milk, curdled as cheese, clothed with skin and flesh and knit together with boxes and sinews. Job did realize that he had been granted “life and favor”: as well as having his spirit “preserved”.

If he was wicked, then “woe” to him; if he’s righteous, he’s full of disgrace and misery as a result of his affliction. He saw God as showing Himself as “awesome against” him, with ever increasing indignation with changes and war over what was taking place.

Simply put, Job wanted to be left alone by God’s work against him.

One of the key things we need as saints today is to know who it is that comes against us. The thief (Satan) comes to kill, steal and destroy. However Christ has come that we might have life with abundance. Let’s believe God and go with Him!