Job 12 God Is For You!

Job seems to have some fire as he responds to his “friends”, stating when they died wisdom would die with them. Yet, as wise as they think themselves to be, Job has equal “understanding” as they do. He refutes their claim to know more than he.

Keep in mind all four of these people are operating from faulty premises. The three friends view the afflictions as a result of God’s judgment against Job for known, unconfessed sin in his life. Job views this as an affliction by God for some unknown reason. It’s interesting that up through this particular chapter none of the four have even stopped to consider it was Satan that came against Job.

Job complained to his friends he was mocked by them, even though in times past he had prayed and received an answer from the Lord. This man, a “just and blameless” man is the one being ridiculed. He sees God as being protector until the cup is filled. Looking at all of nature, God is control of it all; as with animals, so it is with mankind. Those who are positioned as “counselors” are taken away by the Lord. He has authority over “princes”, “kings” and the “mighty”.

Saint of God, it is vital we understand that the Lord God Almighty is in control of all that will bless His children. He doesn’t need to come against us in physical attacks, as Satan already has control of planet earth. In affliction, embrace God and know He is for you!