Job 4 Don’t Prejudge

The next two chapters we read of Eliphaz the Temanite speaking as one who knows and understands why Job is going through this trial.

He begins with eloquent words affirming Job and all that he has done for those in the past who experienced a similar kind of trial he was now enduring. Calling him “weary”, no one ever “perished being innocent”, he’s now reaping what he’d sowed (vs. 8), and now he is incurring the breath of God’s anger.

Now Eliphaz comes across with arrogance and pride, stating he heard a word during the night season, possibly a dream, that was given to him alone. The “word” caused him to shake, even his bones; he even saw a spirit, his hair stood up on end. Undiscernible, the spirit was silent; as to what this “spirit” is a matter of debate, with some advocating it was a demon, others something else.

He then equates Job with fallen angels, he along with others would return to the dust. All mankind, even the wisest, die “without wisdom.”

As we find out near the end of this book, it is better to keep our mouths shut until we truly hear from God. Job was vindicated by Eliphaz and his two companions that had originally come to be a source of comfort. As a result of this one man that charged him with falling away from the Lord.

It’s best to wait on and for the Lord than to assume judgment; especially where “undiscernible” spirits are involved.