Job `6 God Is For You

Job commences over the next two chapters to respond to Eliphaz’s accusations and allegations toward his “friend”.
Initially Job responds by declaring that he too had heard of the wise sayings of ancient men as well. Yet their words were of little comfort, just enough to make them “miserable comforters”. They seemingly go on and on, and it isn’t clear what their provocation was to speak to him. If Job were in their place and they in his, the words he would speak would be overwhelmingly for comfort. He also could bring all kinds of adages and/or sayings against them and simply shake his head at them. However, rather than that kind of comforter, his words would be those that brought strength and comfort in the midst of their grief.

It seems as though, even while in this condition, Job did attempt encourage others encountering some level of grief. Yet with that as a back drop, his perception of God was that He had worn him out and made all he owned desolate. The contents of verse eight would appear to indicate Job was afflicted with elephantiasis; perhaps it was the normal physical response to his physical body as his muscle tone ebbed away.

There are a number scholars that speculate the person Job speaks of over the next several verses is Satan; that the Lord had allowed Job to see who it truly was coming against him. It was Satan that tore him in his (Satan’s) wrath and hated him. His teeth, along with all the demonic hordes unleashed were gnashing, bringing affliction, gathering against him.

Keep in mind throughout this incredible book, Job has blamed God for all of this, now He has delivered Job into “the hands of wicked.” In his prosperity, the enemy came and “shattered” him, took him by the neck and shook everything up in his life and became Satan’s target. Demonic archers pierced his heart without any pity and all his bitterness (gall) had been poured on the ground.

Job did all he knew to do; humbled himself, cried out and seemed resigned to death. Yet there wasn’t any hypocrisy in his prayer life. He requested that his blood wouldn’t be covered and that his cry would not have any resting place. His friends scorned him and he poured out his heart to God; without any relief.

In verse 21 we find his prophetic request for an intercessor between man and God. PTL that came to pass with Jesus Christ!

On the basis of assumption that Job had seen “who” was truly behind his affliction, even though he viewed the Lord as having given Satan permission; there seems to be the beginning of a shift in his thinking. When we have our eyes open to the true purpose of Satan, we also will have not only a clearer understanding of our adversary; but more importantly we begin to recognize it isn’t God that’s our problem.

Remember this saint, God is for you!