Job 8 Victorious or Victim?

We now have Bildad the Shuhite’s response to Job’s statements and condition. We discover he essentially makes an accusation against Job, even more strong that his fellow comforter Eliphaz, aginst Job. Declaring that he must have sinned or his children would not have been killed. If Job would but “earnestly seek God” and pray; if he were as righteous as he had stated, his latter end would be even more blessed “abundantly”.

If Job would review the history of the “fathers”, those who had lived long and prosperous lives in the past, they would teach he and his friends lessons from the papyrus, the hope of a hypocrite (there is some argument as to what that word truly means, the spider and its web, and a tree surrounded by rocks.

All of his summation is wrapped by again on a faulty premise, God won’t do anything to hurt the “blameless” and He won’t “uphold the evildoers”. However he will fill “your mouth with laughing and your lips with rejoicing.” Retribution would come on those who have tried to put him so shame.

There is a nugget of truth in what Bildad says concerning about rejoicing. Learning to give thanks in all things is strategic for the saint of God to endure and be victorious, rather than being a victim.

Rejoice and again I say rejoice!