Job 10

When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

This chapter is a continuation from the previous one, by Job; with comments not necessarily directed toward the comforters, but more an internal reasoning. It’s been said that the most important conversations we have are those
with ourselves. We observe that in Job’s challenges and afflictions.

The line of reasoning used deal with those who are genuinely evil and wicked men, yet aren’t afflicted by God seemingly at all; at least in this life. He refers to thieves, despotic men, power grabbing and inhumane men. These men are some of the baseless individuals described in scripture; yet they continue on with their lives with little or no disregard for lives of others whatsoever.

These men are like a flood that washes everything away. They steal even clothing from the poor, as well as their meager food supply. They have abundance, “yet suffer thirst” as they have not found the river of life.
There are those who have rebelled against “the light” or against God; but no judgment comes upon them. KEEP IN MIND Job is making these statements from a legalistic view of God. Some of these men are “adulterers”, others men who break into houses in evening that they had checked out during the day.

Job declares they should be “cursed in the earth”; yet they aren’t. He does have a bit of revelation in that as the snow melt from the mountains that is stored in a rain barrel to irrigate and quench thirst, which speaks of the bounty; but because of spiritual “drought” and pressure “heat”, all the water is gone. These men prey upon barren women and widows, as they have no defender.

Beginning in verse 23, we read that God has blessed them, but He views their lifestyles. They may be “exalted for a little while”, but there will come a day of reckon where they will be “brought low”.
All of what Job has said is in defense of the inappropriate allegations by his friends that he had sinned and that is why God is judging him. It didn’t make sense! How do we respond when life doesn’t make sense? Are we content to fight, seek God; all the while holding tightly as did Job to his faith in the Lord, even though he were to die?

Don’t give up! Most of the time, the Lord allows us to see and understand in this present life; at other times we simply will not know this side of eternity. Hold on!