Judgment Calls

When confronted with a situation that isn’t referenced in scripture as how the saint of God is supposed to respond, what is the basis of our decision?

Col. 3:15 let the peace of God rule in your hearts

The word “rule” is interesting in that it means “to act as an umpire”.  In almost every sport, the umpire, referee or official is given the prerogative to make “judgement calls” for situations that are not covered in the rule book.  The judgement is based on the welfare of the participants and the overall sport.

In the game of life, God’s peace will make those “judgement calls”, provided we will hear and listen to them.  Contrasting the pros and cons of a choice can be frustrating, yet when God’s peace governs our thoughts and actions, we can walk in His peace.

This is especially true in the outworking of relationships, friendships and associations we make.

Let His peace make those judgement calls!