Now Faith

Here’s my Bible reading for today from Hebrews 11.  I trust it will be a blessing to you and encourage your faith today.

Faith is ALWAYS NOW, in its hope for unseen things  Now Faith imparts a testimony – which is mine?  A good or a poor testimony?

Sacrifices offered “by faith” are “more excellent” than sacrifices not offered by faith.  Because it was “by faith”, his gifts (offered by faith) still speak.  What’s the endurance/duration of my gifts?

Now faith causes us to “please” God and the consequence of that is as Enoch, we will not “see death” – i.e. the personage of death.  Our bodies may drop off and disipate, but the inner man will not see death.  Belieft in God and that He is brings reward/benefit to those who “diligently” seek Him.

Now Faith causes us to move, prepare, bring testimony and makes us heirs of righteousness.

Now Faith causes us to move out of comfort zones, even though we may not know where we’ll end up.  Even though “foreigners” we can dwell in those lands as our promised inheritance.  And that kind of faith is passed on to multiple generations.

Now Faith enables us to bear life, even beyond the time of normal bearing capacity; naturally or spiritually speaking.  Now Faith judges God faithful, and there are more to born than can be counted.

Now Faith sees things “afar off”; is assured (confident) of them, embrace them, confess them.  Now Faith focuses on the eternal home.  Now Faith doesn’t look back to be drawn away from destiny/purpose.

Now Faith endures tests and comes through victorious.

Now Faith blesses future generations/seed for their destiny.

Now Faith depends on worship.

Now Faith revives hope – “concerning his bones”.

Now Faith overcomes fear.

Now Faith chooses eternal things rather than temporal things

Now Faith endures by seeing (by faith) Christ.  Now Faith maintain traditions that keep faith inspired, hope bouyed and love aflame.

Now Faith goes through challenges/obstacles that would drown others.

Now Faith brings down walls that would hinder stepping into destiny/purpose. Now Faith connects with those of Now Faith, even though they are of a different culture, race or socio-economic status.

Now Faith destroys stronghold, does what’s right, receives what promised, shuts the roar of Satan, quenches every fiery dart, escapes death, are strengthened, become valiant, turns back the enemy and are resurrected.

Now Faith can even die in Faith.  Now Faith endures inequities/injustices and false accusations. Now Faith faces death and does not flinch.   Now Faith aren’t worried about apparel, comfort or pain – Now Faith keeps on believing.

Now Faith IS!