One Purpose for Prophetic Words

You are likely aware that prophetic words are for confirmation, exhortation, comfort and correction.  They often reveal hidden things and the future.  But there’s another purpose for those prophetic words we receive from the Lord through men and women of God.

Paul wrote to a young pastor words of encouragement in his first letter to Timothy.

1 Timothy 1:18  “This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare“.

Did you see that?  Prophetic words are weapons in battle with the enemy.

A number of years ago I was encouraged by a choice handmaiden of the Lord, Cindy Jacobs, “Pray into prophetic words.  Don’t just meditate on them and wait.”  Waging a “good warfare” entails declaring the prophetic words we’ve been given to remind the enemy about our destiny.

That can be done either on an individual or a corporate level.  You may need to stand personally and make those declarations.  Your local expression of the Lord’s Body may need to stand as one and declare prophetic words previously given to remind the enemy of your fellowship’s destiny.

It’s a “good warfare” because we win, using all the weapons we have been given to defeat the enemy.  Including Prophetic Words.  Let’s not despise prophecy, let’s use prophecy as a weapon of our warfare.