Press On

Have you ever set out with a partner, a friend, only to discover when the way become challenging, the person “bailed” on you? If you haven’t had that occur in your odyssey of life, I pray you never will.

How we respond to such a challenge says a lot about how passionate we are about the calling of God on our lives.

Paul and Barnabas set out on their travel with a young man named John Mark who bailed on them early on the trip. Why John Mark did, is a topic for another time.

However note that even his leaving didn’t deter Paul & Barnabas from their pursuit of fulfilling the destiny confirmed by the leadership in Antioch.

As you launch into your destiny, many will be attracted to the vision. It may be that not all who begin the journey with you will arrive with you.

Don’t allow a “bitter spirit” to attach itself to you if that happens, but simply press on to fulfill the call, the destiny, the vision. An embittered spirit, birthed from disappointment, can sabotage God’s desire for your gifting being released into the lives of people He wants your life to touch.

Paul and Barnabas didn’t permit that derail them. They pressed on and as result, only eternity will reveal the significance of that first mission’s trip.