Restoring the Cutting Edge

Do you know someone that has lost the “cutting edge” in life? Is there someone you know that wants to restore that “cutting edge” in their life? Could that someone be you?

A group of Bible School students were working their way through the school of the prophets working on a construction project (2 Kings 6). In the early stages of the project, one student literally lost his cutting edge of the axe head he had borrowed when it fell into the Jordan River.

Elisha gives an unusual command to cut a stick off of a tree and throw it in the river where the “cutting edge” was lost. Miraculously, the axe head floated to the surface, and came back to the shore line. The Prophet exhorts the young prophet to “pick it up” and recover the lost edge.

The power of the Cross is able to restore the cutting edge in our lives. When the cross is applied to the place where the cutting edge was lost, it can bring recovery and restoration of ministry and effectiveness.

An important key though, we must take it up ourselves. We have to be willing to get involved in the calling on our lives. If The Prophet hadn’t wanted the young prophet to continue in the ministry, the axe head would have never resurfaced.

When thoughts of returning to serving God as before occur, that’s indication God wants us back in the flow again.

Restore the cutting edge through the power of the Cross.