Sources of Reviving

Psalm 119: 154, 156, 159   Revive me according to Your word….Revive me according to Your judgments…..Revive me, O Lord, according to Your lovingkindness.

Three resources for “reviving” are found in this section of our Psalm.  The Word of God revives us in the midst of confrontations with the enemy.  The Law of God (judgments) revives us when challenged with condemnation by the enemy. God’s Lovingkindness revives us in midst of despair.

These three resources (His Word, His Judgments, His Lovingkindness) ought to be shared with those the enemy confronts, condemns and cloaks with despair.  They provide the robe of righteousness prompting praise!

When they are part and parcel of our wardrobe, they become the character of our lives; drawing seekers in need of reviving to the Lord.