Spiritual Fathers

The Apostle Paul wrote that “you have not many fathers” (1 Cor. 4:15).  He was speaking of having given spiritual birth to most of the believers in that congregation, even though there were many teachers.

While we only have one natural father, I believe we can have more than one spiritual father.  Those who have made rich deposits into our lives, not just briefly, but over the long haul.  I have been blessed to have had a number of such men, in addition to my own natural father, that have spoken into my life over many years.   One of those men is Don Normand.

Don graduated to glory recently and his memorial celebration will take place April 6 in Keystone Heights, Florida.

Whenever Kathy & I were in Florida, we would drop by to visit Don & Cindy.  They always have had a great knack for hospitality.  But more importantly, the wisdom we gleaned from this veteran ministry duo.  These pioneers planted, revived and led hundreds of people to faith in Christ in Africa.  They relocated to the US over 30 years ago after 30 years of ministry in Central & South Africa.

Don authored some 26 books, most of which I’ve read and re-read.  Two of my favorites are “Lions That Still Roar”, which gives a firsthand account of their incredible ministry in Africa, and “Jacko The Baboon”, which is based on a pet Don had as a young boy.   I read Jacko to my children and now read it to my grandsons.  Truth is timeless!

Don & Cindy have poured their lives not only into ministry, but into ministers by the hundreds on two continents.

Would you keep Cindy and the family in prayer?  If you would like to purchase one of Don’s books, you can go to their web site at http://www.biblesermons.com/file/Welcome and click on the books icon.  I know it would be a blessing to Cindy.