The Curse of Apathy

Rev. 3:15  “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.

One of the great blights within too many congregations, as with the Laodiceans, is passivity, indifference and apathy.  The right confession is important, but if the walk doesn’t match the talk, confession is pretty much useless.

Sitting on the fence is only comfortable for a short time, a very short time; then life generally yanks off and awakens us to reality.  What is tragic, too often what we read is an indictment on those of us who are supposed to be mature saints.  When we feel we’ve “done our time” and don’t need to be involved any longer – “let the younger people do it” mentality the entire Body suffers.  Perhaps as with Laodicea complacency has put us in the grip of being politically correct, thereby silencing and deterring activity for Kingdom purposes.

This old dog isn’t ready to stop learning, even new ways to reach our culture.  Join the celebration of life by being a life-giver in serving your congregation, pastor, youth and children ministries.  Don’t rust out!

The great calamity in this congregation is their passivity impeded their capacity to hear the knock of the Lord on their life’s door.  Let’s hear His knock and invite Him in to show us what, when and how to continue to work with Him.