Psalm 105: 19    Until the time that his word came to pass, The word of the Lord tested him.

When does one do “until” promises from God come to pass?  The life of Joseph is graphic illustration on “until”!

Joseph was given dreams and visions throughout his life that seemed to be prompted by something other than God.  Yet we remember all the dreams and visions ultimately came to pass.

The “word of Promise” became the “word of Trial” for Joseph.  Holding onto the Word given by the Lord often becomes a trial until the fulfillment of that “word” manifests.  Joseph was literally in the pits twice until the fulfillment came to realization.

Holding on to God’s promise is what will bring us through challenges that would attempt to cause us to abandon the dream or give up on the Word.  But HOLD ON UNTIL it comes to pass.  It will purify your motives, cleanse your mind and bolster your faith.

Don’t give up!  Hold On UNTIL!