1 Chron. 10 Complete and Total Obedience

We revert back to the defeat and death of Saul, along with three of his sons and undoubtedly his primary leaders; which the initial record may be read in 1 Samuel 31.

Also we see the reason for Saul’s demise was based on his “unfaithfulness” against the Lord. Two primary reasons are listed one, “because he did not keep the word of the Lord” in seeking out the Lord for direction and two, because he also “consulted a medium for guidance.” In addition the list could have included murdering the priests Nob, and overstepping his jurisdictional authority near the very beginning of his reign when he offered a sacrifice and didn’t follow the entire word of the Lord.

It’s been said “Partial obedience is disobedience!”

Saul’s life was filled with “partial obedience”, rather than complete obedience. The Targum says that when Saul consulted the medium, it was the spirit of python; a demonic spirit and stronghold that still impacts lives today.

We also have the review of the “valiant men” of Jabesh Gilead retrieved the bodies of Saul and his three sons and gave them a proper burial. Recall it was Saul who had saved their lives as one of the very first acts as king of Israel.

The kingdom was turned over to David, who reigned the first seven years in Hebron and the balance in Jerusalem.

Friend, let us be among those who completely obey the Lord; not partially!