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A Response to the Supreme Court’s Rulings on DOMA & Prop 8

My heart is heavy today as a result of Supreme Court’s ruling on Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Prop. 8 from California. There have been several posts and responses shared already.  However for me to remain silent, well that I simply cannot share. As a Christian, to respond in any manner that would be…

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Eternal Manicures!

Have you ever been complimented on how beautiful your feet look?  I haven’t!  Honestly, I don’t look at people’s feet much.  However one time I saw a diamond embedded in a toe nail of a lady once, but I’d never seen it if it weren’t for Kathy drawing my attention to it. God says you’ve…

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Places of Refuge

Thanks again for your intentional and committed prayers during this past month, we are so grateful and the Lord has answered your intercession on our behalf. PRAISE REPORT: One of our partners shared a financial gift that will go toward the purchase of a new vehicle and another gave us a vehicle that we’ll sell…

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