Places of Refuge

Thanks again for your intentional and committed prayers during this past month, we are so grateful and the Lord has answered your intercession on our behalf.

PRAISE REPORT: One of our partners shared a financial gift that will go toward the purchase of a new vehicle and another gave us a vehicle that we’ll sell and put the money toward the new vehicle as well. Also, there were two doors opened for future ministry in Mississippi and Arkansas.  It’s the goodness of the Lord.  THANKS FOR YOUR STANDING IN AGREEMENT!

PRAYER REQUESTS: We are planning to travel to Uganda this September that will require us to be out of the USA for the entire month.  Our expectation is for Kathy to travel on this trip, which will require additional funds.  Donations committed to the trip postponed from April will be applied to this trip, leaving us $1,000 for Kathy’s portion plus our normal monthly expenses.

PLACES OF REFUGE: During a recent Bible Reading in Deuteronomy 19, a verse penetrated my heart as never before.

Vs. 3  “You shall prepare roads for yourself, and divide into three parts the territory of your land which the Lord your God is giving you to inherit, that any manslayer may flee there.”

Moses is giving instructions dealing with cities of refuge that people could flee to should there have been an accidental death, what we might refer to as involuntary manslaughter.

Essentially the big “C” Church – not just local expressions of the Body – are to be places of refuge, not just for those who have been involved in accidents, but are being chased down by the challenges of life.

Two words captured my heart and as I contemplated them, it was as though the Lord impressed on me that the “C”hurch needs to create ways of accessibility to encounter Christ as they are being chased, pursued and hounded in their lives.

What a beautiful expression of grace, being accessible by those who will seek us out in the days ahead.  Grace, it’s still amazing!

How can we be more accessible to those truly seeking, searching and in need of the redemptive ministry we’ve been commissioned to be agents of?   I believe this deals with spiritual, but also physical and emotional areas to be accessed.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on the “what’s” but also the “how’s” of being more accessible.

PRAYER FOCUS: I want to introduce you to another of our Regional Leaders in Uganda, working with New Faith Covenant Ministries.

Pastor & Mrs. Benjamin Wamusiru

Kanungu Regional Leader

DOB – Dec. 23, 1974

Pastor Benjamin has been associated with NFCM – Uganda since we first traveled there.  He’s a precious brother that has a passion to reach out across his nation, equipping them to see not only Uganda but East Africa covered with the Gospel.

He shared, “We need prayers in all spheres of ministry, especially in running seminars to equip pastors and church leaders.”

Pastor Benjamin will be one of the Regional Leaders in attendance as we launch the Portable Bible School in September.

PRODUCT UPDATE: We now have available teachings on USB Flash Drives.  We can place all our teaching on 2 flash drives.  “Going Higher” our 365 Day Devotional Bible Readings are also available on a separate drive as well.  If you are interested contact us!