2024 A Year of Strategic Choices & Decisions

We are constantly confronted with choices and decisions.  Some are more important than others.

I feel impressed of the Lord that 2024 is a year of strategic choices and decisions that will affect destinies.  With every choice/decision there are results or consequences that must be dealt with.  What I sense in my spirit is that this year there will be significant decisions that will influence the legacy of our lives and the admonition of the Lord is to “choose wisely”.

Not every choice/decision is as crucial as others, however there are some that will come in this year that will have great impact on ministry and family.  The time for impetuous decisions based on emotion, comfort or ease cannot occur.  There will be those whose choice/decision will be some of the last they will ever make, which is why it is crucial to not permit the flesh to affect the decision process.

Few choices/decisions in life require an immediate determination.  However, there are some that will require intentional deliberations, specifically in areas of finances, relocations, long term relationships and transitions of broad influence and effect.

The Lord will provide wisdom to those who seek Him in these matters and the Holy Spirit will literally guide through the process of these decisions/choices.

Developing a hearing ear, a discerning heart with unfettered devotion to the Lord, His Word and His People are essential in the days of 2024.

Guarding our mind is vital and what we allow to enter our thoughts.  Philippian 4:8 gives a sieve for thoughts we entertain.  Things that are true, honest/noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report (confession).  Things that enhance virtue and praise to the Lord.