In The Fulness of Time

In The Fulness of Time

There are Chronos moments and Kairos moments of time.  God restricts Himself to Chronos  but opts to employ Kairos moments that effect Chronos.  So it was with the advent of Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

In the “fulness of time was come, God sent forth His Son” (Gal. 4:4).  As in that advent of Christ over 2,000 years ago there were not many expecting His coming, many had hoped, but few were expectant.  Those in far away places knew of His advent, those who were near but least expected to attend His advent were invited by angelic hosts; but only those who were intimately involved in His birth were expecting and knew Who He was and when His coming was near.

As it was in that advent, so it shall be in His final advent.  Many will be hoping, there will be those who are seemingly “afar off” will come, those least expected will also be given divine invitations to see this glorious coming; and so it will be with those few who are intimately involved in this second birthing/coming of His Majesty, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Know that it is the Father’s “fulness of time”, not in man’s estimation of the fulness of time.

What the Father desires is for those who have ears attuned to His Spirit, His Heart and His purpose to be engaged in the birthing of His final advent to our world.  Birthing is painful, dreadful but oh such a joyous time.  Press through the pain, frustration, doubt, unbelief and misunderstanding, This Advent is Worth It!

There are those present that the Lord would have you know His “fulness of time” is coming and will not be late, there are those whose “time” at the threshold of your door.  Stand strong, praise Him and His time shall come.

His “fulness of time” is nearly here! His Kairos moment that will effect the Chronos! Press On My Chosen Ones!