The Indescribable Gift!

Words seem shallow and futile when it comes to describing something so incredible that seems beyond belief.  The Apostle Paul found himself in such a dilemma while writing to the Corinthian believers concerning God’s “indescribable gift” in the midst of speaking about fiscal responsibilities for the fledgling congregation.  

 With all the upheaval in our nation over the recent elections, it’s easy to be side tracked.  God’s “indescribable gift” continues to give, bringing hope, wrapped in love, tied with bows of forgiveness.  What the nation, the world needs now more than ever are bearers of this “gift”, wrapped in unconditional love and unlimited forgiveness.  This eternal gift is available to each and everyone we meet; whether that be personally or through social media. 

Some of you may join our daily, Monday—Friday Facebook Live Posts.  We are averaging over 100 views and with several of them the numbers go into the hundreds, one over a thousand views.  Those aren’t large numbers by any means, yet some of the testimonies we’ve received are so encouraging.  The point being, share this “indescribable gift” with whatever means you have at your disposal.  The “GIFT” that keeps on giving!  Thanks be to God!

On a logistical note, we have switched vendors for online giving, from PayPal to a local vendor that will save us money and facilitate our bookkeeping substantially.


Due to COVID, ministry travel outside of Florida has come to a temporary halt with little indication it will be eased soon.  With that in mind, we ask you to agree with and for us that doors will open in Florida. 

The Lord has been giving us insight into strategies for the Church as we move into this next decade.  Specifically a series entitled Template for Preparation.  We are prayerfully contemplating putting series out via Zoom to pastors and leaders at a global level. 

We’re honored for your gift to us—your friendship, love and prayers.  We do not take them for granted at any time and count on them all the time.    Heb. 6:10