A Response to the Supreme Court’s Rulings on DOMA & Prop 8

My heart is heavy today as a result of Supreme Court’s ruling on Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Prop. 8 from California.

There have been several posts and responses shared already.  However for me to remain silent, well that I simply cannot share.

As a Christian, to respond in any manner that would be less than how Jesus Himself would respond isn’t an option regardless of my personal bias or prejudice.  His response ALWAYS was in the context of love, even when confronted with those who had failures; whether it was being caught in adultery or denying Him.

The challenge is to walk in love, genuinely, authentically as Christ would in a culture that continues to spiral into a moral and spiritual decline.  How does one confront major issues with truth, while being communicated in Christ’s spirit – love?

The final chapters of Judges have an interesting phrase that seems to accurately depict the current culture in our nation, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes”.

From my vantage, it seems as though the United States and many other Western cultures have no moral compass, only doing what is right to and for themselves.  Even to enact and ultimately enforce those who aspire to Judeo-Christian morality to be coerced obey legislation that has no absolute.  In an effort to be politically correct, inclusive, non-confrontational; our nation is on a slippery slope from which we’ll not be able to recovery from ultimately being covered in the muck and mire of moral depravity.

To have legislation voted on and hopefully enacted as a guide by a majority of an electorate and/or legislators should not be construed as intolerance or unloving.  We can never afford to bathe in the mud of either (intolerance, being unloving).  Yet neither can we afford not to be an authentic representative of the Kingdom of God when it comes to issues of morality.


We must love the sinner, while at the same time hating the sin/transgression that would destroy their lives, their destiny, their purpose.

I will continue to state “You are loved and there’s nothing you can do about it”, whether we agree on crucial confronting our culture.  I will continue to love enough to say that wrong is wrong in hope that the tenor of my voice and action of my life declare truth without a question being raised as to the legitimacy of God’s love and His love through me.