1 Chron. 16 The Tabernacle of David

Upon arriving in Jerusalem with the ark; offerings were presented to the Lord, where upon David “blessed the people in the name of the Lord.” The blessing wasn’t just limited to words; but material blessing of a loaf of bread or cake, a piece of meat or one sixth of an oxen and cake of raisins or a good portion of wine.

David also appointed “some of the Levites” to minister in the ark’s presence to commemorate or mark the time, thank or to give worship to and praise or celebrate. Each of these words in the Hebrew are an expression of some level of worship. Note, cymbals and trumpets were used to worship the Lord in David’s tabernacle.

On the day that celebrated the ark’s arrival in Jerusalem, David had written a “psalm”; which was given to Asaph to be sung and played to the Lord. Throughout the Psalms, you will read portions of this, particularly in Psalm 98. An interesting point of information concerning David’s tabernacle was that during the time the ark was resident there, the side flaps of the tent or tabernacle were up; unlike Moses tabernacle, where only the high priest could observe the Presence surrounding the ark. When the N.T. speaks of “restoring the tabernacle of David” (Acts 15:6), its referring to accessible worship by all who purpose to pursue God. His Presence isn’t limited to the high priests, but for every believer.

After the “psalm” had been set to music and sung “all the people departed, every man to his house; and David returned to bless his house.” The implication being that God desired for us to bless others as we have been blessed, as he desired for his house.

When John spoke to the woman at the well in John 4, He told her the Father looked for those that would worship in spirit and in truth. That’s what David made available throughout his reign for Israel, even those who were visitors to Jerusalem, whether they were Jewish or not.

It is in the Father’s heart that EVERYONE observes true worship, regardless of their spiritual condition. When people are in His presence, they’ll be changed forever!