1 Chron. 18 You’re Save & Protected

The record we read in this chapter parallels 2 Samuel 8, as well as giving information we gleaned in earlier chapters of 1 Chronicles. Many of the victories that were ascribed to David’s account were actually fought by some of his sons and other “mighty men”. Rather than keep the horses, the king had them all killed; with the exception of enough to pull one hundred chariots. David had learned from the Law that acquiring horses wasn’t well received by the Lord, as He desired for Israel to be dependent upon Him rather than their own natural ability.

Something we learn in this chapter is that all of the tribute that was brought to David was consecrated to the Lord and providing for the construction of Solomon’s temple. Whether that was gold, silver or bronze; it all was dedicated to the Lord’s purposes. David took “the shields of gold” that had been Hadadezer’s servants. We read that when David won battles, nations that had been at war with those nations, brought tribute to him as well; which increased the quantity of gold, silver and bronze.

One of the benefits of having a heart after God is found in verse 13; “And the Lord preserved David wherever he went.”

When our heart is moving toward the Lord, He too will “preserve” us as He did David. The word preserve means to be “open, wide free” and to “be safe”. The Lord’s arms are open wide to you and for you freely to be embraced by Him for your well-being and protection. Nothing can come against you that will destroy you as you continue to pursue the Lord with all your heart.

Be safe and be free!