1 Chron. 27 Appoint Competent Leaders

Previously we had the listing of the priests and Levites who had responsibilities for the “ministry” aspects of Israel. Here we find those who were charged with the civic and military responsibilities for Israel.

The list seems to have been complied prior to David becoming king over the entire nation of Israel, as the list contains Joab’s brother Asahel who was murdered by Abner. However the point being that each of these leaders were charged with the task of overseeing twenty four thousand men, all of whom served for one month per year. They weren’t financially compensated for their one month though.

We also see that each those who were appointed to oversee civic responsibilities such as camels, flock and others listed; were appointed on the basis of their ability, not favoritism or bias.

As leaders, when appointing individuals over various tasks, we too need to be sure they have the competence to serve with distinction and professionalism. When we appoint people to positions with no regard as to their ability, we do a disservice to those appointed and those that they are responsibility to and for.

Choose wisely those that will be installed and there will be joy and blessing to the entire ministry.