1 Chron. 29 A Man After God’s Heart

We see David proceeded to share with “all the assembly”, which included all the people concerning the temple as well as Solomon’s reign. It was at this occasion that Solomon was inaugurated as king; the first time earlier when his older brother, Adonijah, attempted to assume reign over Israel. By this time, there was peace and tranquility.

In the course of David speaking with the people he shared what he had done in terms of preparation for the “temple”, reminding all that it was “not for man but for the Lord” that it was being constructed. They gave in excess of $3 million in gold and over $420 in silver.

In response to David’s giving, the people responded with willing and loyal hearts; prompting David to rejoice greatly. In his joy, we find he penned verses 11 – 15. In these brief passages, David declared the Lord’s greatness, and that He was exalted over all. He had the authority to give power and might, make great and give strength. We find in this passage that even though the people gave toward the Temple, it was the Lord Who had blessed in such a manner so they were able to give in such an abundance. David further recognized apart from the Lord they were “without hope.”

David offered a prayer to bless the Lord but also to ask for a loyal heart so that Solomon could keep “Your commandments and Your testimonies and Your statutes”; including the construction of the Temple.

There was an incredibly smooth transition for Solomon to assume reign, largely due to David’s work and preparation. For those who were contemporaries of Ezra, records of David’s life were compiled books by Samuel, Nathan and Gad. His reign not only included Israel, but a number of surrounding nations as well.

David was a man “after God’s heart”. Yes, he did have major failures, primarily in his transgression with Bathsheba and Urijah; however he truly repented and yet we have observed, he paid a dear price for that moral failure. More than any other. Yet we also see that here was a man that functioned as a prophet, king, musician, warrior, friend and genuine worshipper of the Lord.

“Lord may our civic and political leaders be men as David, choosing to follow hard after Your heart. May they be repentant and quick to make restitution, as genuine followers of the One True God!”