1 Chron. 6 Every Person Is Known

As we read this chapter it is clear that the author had several lists of the genealogy of Levi available to him, as this first listing is more complete and accurate than others given. The Levites were given responsibility of serving “the tabernacle of the house of God” and Aaron’s were given responsibility to offer “sacrifices on the altar of burnt offerings and on the altar of incense” which served to “make atonement for Israel” based on the Law.

There are some who discount that there were musical instruments or music in the tabernacle; yet it is evident from verses 31 & 32 there were those David appointed to “minister with music” before Solomon constructed the temple and after the ark had been brought from Obed-Edom’s house.

As the Law had stated, the Levites were given what is referred to here as “common lands” that surrounded each of the cities given by the respective tribes to the Levites for the ministry they and the Aaronic priesthood had been assigned. These lands were for planting produce and raising animals.

In reading this and similar chapters of Chronicles, it may be difficult to comprehend the “why” of these kinds of records; yet it reinforces for us that God knows about each individual, family, tribe, tongue and nation on the earth.
Being aware, He provides a means of being redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. That’s why we’re given the “Great Commission”, to share the love, grace, mercy, forgiveness of God with those who have yet to hear the Gospel.