1 Chron. 9 You’re A Gatekeeper

We read that Judah was taken captive and the city of Jerusalem was occupied by “Israelites, priests, Levites, and the Nethinim”; which were temple slaves. Only some of the original inhabitants still dwelt in Judah and Jerusalem that are listed in their respective genealogies. Most of those listed had some type of responsibility in the temple; which when counted comes to over one thousand seven hundred men. That’s quite a number of workers in the temple.

One group listed is the “gatekeepers” that accounted for the bulk of the number workers for the temple. We discover in this chapter several responsibilities the gatekeepers had as well as benefits bestowed on them. Some of the responsibilities included watching who entered the four main gates of the city, as well as the “king’s gate”. They had responsibility to watch over the finances given, and the general maintenance of the temple. They were responsible to have the temple opened “every morning” they were also responsible for “serving vessels” that they would bring in and out for use by the priests and Levites. They were even singers included among the gatekeepers; who sang both day and night.

As you read their responsibilities, we see that they parallel those of the saints of God today. You and I are “gatekeepers” as well. We need to be aware of who comes to our service at church, we also have been given stewardship responsibilities over the finances we are given, gatekeepers are also responsible for the general appearance of the facilities and to be sure as living temples we’re available to “whosoever”.

Perhaps one of the most awesome responsibilities we have is to be among those who will lift up their voices in praise to the Lord. For some of us that is truly a “joyful noise”, others are blessed with voices that sound like angels; in any case we can have the praises of God on our lips whether day or night, rain or sunshine; facing challenges or living the abundant life.

You my friend are a “gatekeeper”!