1 Kings 5 R & R

Reading this chapter we see the favor of God for Solomon in constructing the temple. Hiram had been a good friend to David and now desires to continue that friendship with his son. Their correspondence proved to be very positive and uplifting as Solomon shared with this old family friend his vision to “build a house for the name of the Lord”. Israel’s king presses on and requests that there be a collaboration of working together to get cedars from Lebanon. In exchange, Solomon would provide the food to feed this massive group of men from Lebanon and Israel.

Hiram agreed to all that Solomon requested to construct a “house” for the Lord. The collaboration not only made provision for the trees; but a “treaty” was entered into by the two nations.

Solomon got thirty thousand men, after thirty days they were give a furlough of sixty days. That time of rest was not only well deserved, but provided a time for rejuvenation when they returned to the work of the Lord.

The stones that were used in the construction were large, very large and costly as well as hewn.

In reading this chapter, it seemed to me that the Lord was encouraging not only Solomon; but us as well, to have a time of breaking away from the work. Too often volunteers as well as those who are compensated for ministry, are driven to get the job done; all the while, not thinking about the long and short term consequences on the laborers in the harvest.

Leaders, be encouraged to seek the Lord for creative ways in which times of breaking away from the “work” so that there will be a maximized work force for the King and His Kingdom. Remember, Jesus said to come to Him those that were weary, worn and frazzled by the circumstances of life. We too need to be a resource for R & R those we work with in the ministry.

Another principle we observe here is we can do more together than we ever could apart. Hiram and Solomon provide us an excellent illustration of that truth.

Find those who can work with you to achieve the destiny God intends for both of you.