1 Kings 6 Anyone Can Live For Christ; Not Everyone Is Willing to Die For Christ

Is there a limit to the sin/transgression crossed that the Lord would bring judgment upon the offender? The answer appears to be “yes”, based on this scene from the life of Baasha. He had been elevated by the Lord, not man; yet he made Israel sin, that resulted in provocation of the Lord against Baasha as well as Israel.

The gruesome deaths that are described would prompt one to cease godless activity, repent and be reconciled to the Lord; as well as leading Israel to revival, but that didn’t happen.

Jehu, a little known prophet, came to pronounce judgment on Baasha; by which caused him to lose his life. It is highly probable that Jehu knew the likelihood what the price would be for declaring truth.

Someone has said “anyone can live for Christ, not everyone will die for Christ”. Watching the shortened video clips of those who have given their lives for the Gospel in Muslim nations giving their lives as Isis decapitated them, along with listening to conversations of those whose loved ones literally laid down their lives for Christ in Columbia; elicits incredible respect and prayers for those Christians who lay their lives down every day, refusing to disavow their faith and remain loyal to the Lord.

A civil war broke out within Israel when news spread that Baasha had died. Some followed Zimri, who led those who fought with chariots and others followed Omri, who was a military general. Those who followed Omri won and placed him in office as king. Zimri conspired against Elah, a son of Baasha and killed him. After establishing his throne, he killed all the males of Baasha’s lineage; fulfilling the prophetic word given by Jehu.

Beginning in verse twenty four we see the beginning of the city Samaria; which was a city of great importance, militarily, commercially and culturally. Yet even in the midst of the blessings of the Lord, Omri “did evil in the eyes of the Lord”, being worse than any of his predecessors; so much so the Lord’s anger was enraged. The primary offense was idolatry and opening idolatry for all Israel.

Upon his death, Ahab, Omri’s son escalated the sins of Israel and for himself as well. The marriage to Jezebel, was essentially a slap in the face to God; as this woman was idolater and came from an idolatrous family. She had no pains in letting it be known her position against the God of Israel. We’ll read later just how evil she could be. Ahab even permitted an altar to be erected in honor of Baal.

Hiel of Bethel rebuilt Jericho and it cost him the lives of his eldest and younger sons; fulfilling the word prophetically given by Joshua. God’s word is truth!