1 Kings 6 Radical Devotion

Upon completion of his own home, with the assistance from Hiram, Solomon began the seven years and six month process of building the Temple. The length was nearly one hundred and ten feet; the width was thirty six feet wide and over fifty four feet high.

It’s interesting that the stones quarried to lay the foundation for the Temple were squared away before being brought to the location they were to be placed. Secondly, the radical expression of devotion to the Lord by Solomon vividly illustrated by everything being covered in gold. The cost factor is impossible to determine. The detail of the objects, including the eighteen foot high cherubim made from olive wood, sounds intricate and breath taking all at once.

How “radical” are our expressions of worship to the Lord. Could it be that radical devotion releases radical life?

This day’s Bible reading is being written while in Uganda, where we ministered in a Sunday service with people that were worshipping the Lord radically. Watching these saints in Africa, they were full of JOY. Many do not have a great amount of material goods or finances; however they have something that most in the Western Church doesn’t. They have a joy that is unspeakable that is contagious to any and all that enter those times of worship and devotion.

Be radical in your devotion, worship and commitment to the Lord.