1 Kings 7 Jachin & Boaz

Having only taken four years to construct the Temple, it is interresting that Solomon took another seven years to build his house, a judgment hall and a house for the harem; which included the Egyptian Pharaoh’s daughter.

It could have been that Solomon was constructing the three referenced above, as they built the Temple. In this process, as they built the “Hall of Judgment”, there were two pillars constructed that were over thirty feet tall; which were placed at the entrance of that Hall. One of which was called Jachin, the other Boaz. Jachin speaks of being established by the Lord and Boaz referring to having strength of the Lord.

Huram was called to construct all the instruments that were to have anything to do with bronze. This was an extended project for Huram, requiring focus and attention to the minutest detail.

Friend, the Lord would have you know He desires to guard your conscience with His stability and His strength; not just to do “right”, but to be secure in who you are. These protect the mind and heart from condemnation, giving us boldness to be the people of God He destined us to be.

Allow His stability and strength be yours.