2 Chron. 1 Follow Him Wholly

2 Chronicles is continuation of the previous book of Chronicles and should not be separated from it. 1 Kings 3 & 4 have much of the same information that is found here in this specific chapter.

Upon seeing the kingdom was established in his hand, Solomon went to Gibeon; which had all the articles of worship with the exception of the ark that David had relocated to Jerusalem and placed in a tent. The location for worship in Gibeon was referred to as the tabernacle of worship.

The evening of the day of worship the Lord spoke to Solomon, apparently in a dream, and asked him “what shall I give you?” Solomon’s response demonstrated humility, indicating his heart was in the proper place. In asking for “wisdom and knowledge” as to have understanding so that he could govern Israel from the Lord’s wisdom and knowledge.

In addition to wisdom and knowledge being given to Solomon, the Lord gave him “riches and wealth and honor” beyond any king prior or after him. That wisdom and knowledge caused Israel to prosper incredibly; with silver and gold common in the nation.

We begin seeing the undoing of Solomon as he “acquired and imported” horses and chariots; which went against the Law. This first transgression opened the door to other transgressions as well. Marriage to foreign wives; many of which were most likely political in nature. That transgression led Solomon to another, building of houses of worship for the foreign women to honor their god, and then he built houses of worship for himself to the foreign gods the women had spiritually seduced Solomon to worship.

All of these transgression emanated from having married foreign women; all of which Moses knew would happen as a result of being unequally yoked with unbelieving women.
When we are confronted with decisions that could lead us away from wholly following the Lord, choose to obey Him in everything; even the seemingly little things.