2 Chron. 10 Make Wise Choices

As we’ve discovered, both books of Chronicles are for the most part condensed versions of 1 & 2 Kings; in this case it is 1 Kings 12, that gives record of the initial days of Rehoboam commencing his reign over all of Israel and the return of Jeroboam. Jeroboam was the spokesman for Israel, requesting some relief in taxes that had been imposed on them by Solomon.

Rehoboam “rejected” the counsel given him by elders who had counseled his father Solomon. It seems as though he sought for those who would agree with his position of increasing the oppression, rather than reducing it. He turned to his peers, who readily agreed with him; to increase the tax burden and other forms of oppression.

When Israel heard that Rehoboam had rejected a united request, they rebelled by leaving the tribe of Judah to fend for themselves; which resulted in a massive amounts of bloodshed over the years. His decision proved to be foolish, the consequences that were far reaching for many generations.

As we’ve written in the past, someone has said “Everyone has the freedom of choice, but no one has the freedom from the consequences of those choices”. Make decisions that will benefit, not just the current generation; but those who will follow us.