2 Chron. 17 A United Nation

Jehoshaphat assumed the throne from his father Asa, working with the heart of God as did his ancestor King David. He was a monarch who “sought God,. . .walked in His commandments”. As a result of his godly walk, the “Lord established the kingdom in his hand”.

When a nation’s leadership have hearts that are in pursuit of the Lord; they, too as Israel, will have peace, protection and provision.

Not only was Judah blessed, Jehoshaphat was blessed with “riches and honor in abundance” as well; all because a leader’s “heart took delight in the ways of the Lord” and there was a spiritual cleansing of the land, evidenced by the removal of the “high places and wooden images from Judah.”

Jehoshphat employed a divine strategy that brought Judah in step with him in pursuing the Lord. He had representatives from civil government and religious government work together in training of the nation; princes, Levites and priests. They each taught from the same text book; the Word of God, that gave instruction as to the how civil government and the living Body should operate and function.

When there is unity around divine purposes and desires, surrounding nations are affected as well. The Philistines brought silver and other similar items; the Arabs brought livestock. These were given as tribute to Judah to assure them peace and security from attack.

In the closing verses of this chapter we read of “the men of war, mighty men of valor”; among whom Zichri stands out. His epitaph declared he was a man “who willingly offered himself to the Lord” and as a result two hundred thousand mighty men followed him. It is not only wives that desire to have a man after God’s own heart; but men desire to have other men who do as well, that they might emulate and follow them into spiritual warfare as well. Men like this serve the King of kings, the Lord Jesus, with all their being; spirit, soul and body.

Gender isn’t the issue; our heart’s desire is! Who and what are we pursuit of? Whom do we want to serve?

As a nation; will we become united around that which is unchangeable, unalterable and eternal – the Word of God? Whether we are functioning in civil or religious governmental functions. The Word is the only means by which we can become a united people; whether in congregations or civil governments.