2 Chron. 24 Finishers

Victory goes to those who finish the race, not just compete or begin it. We have a condensed version of Joash’s life that started strong, as long as he had Jehoiada as a mentor and counselor. This king had it in his heart “on repairing the house of the Lord”, that Jehoiada endorsed, as well as worked together in collecting the funds and directing them for their intended purpose; that of restoration of the “house of God”.

Athaliah had dedicated articles of worship that had been designated for the house of the Lord to the Baals, which was an open door to idolatry.

Jehodiiada died and was given a great honor to be buried in the same area as had earlier kings had been as well.

There are a number of scholars who believe when the leaders came to Joash, they were seducing him toward idolatry; which brought about the judgment of the Lord by the Syrians against Joash and Judah. Yet, the Lord “sent to them, to bring them back to the Lord”; yet they rejected these men and their message, going so far as to stone Zechariah, which Joash was at the very least sympathetic toward.

When Syria came against Judah, they were out manned; yet defeated a larger army from Judah. Paul reminds us that what we sow, we will also reap. That was the case in Joash’s life; when two servants killed him in his bed.

Saint of God, be mindful to not just starting or competing in the race; FINISH IT AS WELL!