2 Chron. 30 Don’t Limit Your Borders of Influence

Our influence goes beyond the borders of our awareness, as seen in this chapter concerning Hezekiah. Not only had his ministry restoration/renovation/renewal had an effect on Judah, it also affected those from Israel as well; who at that time were under the reign of Hoshea.

Due to the length of time it took to cleanse the temple, they could not celebrate the Passover. Faced with a couple of options Hezekiah opted to have the Feast one month late; rather than wait a year, which could have jeopardized the entire activity that God had put in his heart. To inform the people, runners or couriers were sent throughout Judah, but also in regions of Israel; Ephraim and Mannasseh.

It’s interesting that there were those from Zebulun “laughed at them and mocked them.” Yet even though that happened, there were those from Zebulun who did in fact go up to Jerusalem to keep the feast. How did these couriers maintain and fulfill their goal? They were of “singleness of heart to obey the command of the king and leaders, at the word of the Lord.

Nehemiah faced a similar situation while rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. How did he keep moving forward in the midst of such a demonic strategy? It was as Hezekiah’s men, he and they had a single heart, not being double minded, to follow after the Lord and all of His ways.

As a result of the process of restoration, there weren’t enough priests to fulfill in the offering and sacrifices.

However, the king prayed for them to “prepare” their hearts to go after the Lord. When leadership appeal to heaven for their citizens, God hears in heaven and restore to them what the enemy had stolen. This feast lasted seven days and added another seven because of the joy that filled Jerusalem. A solid two week revival, PTL!

The priests also rose up and “blessed the people”; and God heard their voice and “came” to His dwelling place in heaven.

Remember your righteous actions go beyond the perceived borders you may or may not have. When faced with humiliation and taunting by the enemy; maintain a single heart in serving Him.