2 Chron. 35 How Will We Be Remembered?

Much of what we have written here is found in 2 Kings 23.

It is said everything rises and falls on leadership, which we can see from this chapter. Josiah kept the feast of Passover and as a result motivated other leadership to not only keep the feast, but provide for others to participate in the feast as well. These leaders not only believed in what they participated in; but made provision for those to whom they were responsible for as well.

They were organized according to their heritage, and the people gave as well. This Passover initiated by Josiah, had more sacrifices offered than those of David or Solomon. After having the people present them and their sacrifices, the Ark of the Covenant was put where it belonged; back in the temple in the Holy of Holies.

The gatekeepers were faithful, even during this time of celebration; as people had to bring them portions. Faithfulness in the midst of celebration!

As to what prompted Josiah to engage in battle with Necho from Egypt is unknown. Perhaps it was pride or a sense he had to make a stand for the Lord God. Whatever the reason, we see that it cost him his life.

This leader was eulogized by Judah and many of those from Israel as well. He not only did good, but was remembered for being good.

A question we need to ask ourselves, “how will we be remembered?”